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All about best places where to search culture & art in Liepaja!


Liepajas concert hall "Great amber”


At the basis of the architectural concept of the concert hall, created by the excellent Austrian architect Prof. Volker Giencke, lies amber – the symbol of Liepāja and the Baltic Sea, as well as the concert hall’s function as a cultural and arts centre. Thus, its architecture is a portrait of music, frozen in time and in amber. Its acoustics have been created by world leaders in their fields – Prof. Karlheinz Müller of Müller BBM, Germany, and Prof. Christian Bartenbach of Bartenbach, Germany, respectively.

Address: Radio iela 8, Liepāja

Phone: +371 634 24555



Art gallery "Romas dārzs”


The art collection of the gallery has a wide range of paintings by the artisans of Liepāja - Artūra Baumaņa, Valtera Uztica, Staņislava Dinģeļa, Jāņa Sudmaļa, Kārļa Saukas, Otto Tiliņa, Kārļa Fridriha Šaumaņa. There are also works by artists Miķeļa Golta, Egīla Radziņa, Egila Brūna, Visvalža Ziediņa . The paintings of the most outstanding painters in Latvia include paintings by Jāzeps Pīgožņa, Hildas Vīkas, Jāņa Brektes, Birutas Delles, Eduarda Kalniņa and others. Contemporary artists are represented by Aleksej Naumov, Rolanda Grosa, Maijas Tabakas, Džemmas Skulmes, Arta Butese paintings.


Adress: Zivju iela 3, LV-3401, Liepāja, Latvija

Phone: +371 29489547

E-mail: info@galerijaromasdā

Liepaja museum


The Liepāja Museum resides in one of the most beautiful 20th century buildings in Liepāja. The museum exhibition tells the history of the Liepāja City and its surrounding area from the Stone Age to the early 20th century. The museum also has on display an exposition dedicated to a wood carver Miķelis Pankoks (1894-1983) and two exhibition halls. Guided tours and different workshops of museum pedegogy for groups.


Address: Kūrmājas prospekts 16/18, Liepāja

Phone: +371 634 22604, +371 29605223



Liepaja theater 


Performances, costume rentals, premises for public events and special occasions. Offer for groups – a tour behind the scenes where sets, costumes and props are created.


Address: Teātra iela 4, Liepāja

Phone: +371 634 22406